Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Nana's Mother's Day Gift

     I asked and you replied! A very late tutorial on a Mother's Day gift. I saw this on Pinterest oh so long ago, and decided it would be the perfect gift for my son's Nana, my mother. She is definitely one for homemade mementoes and little handprinted and footprinted items. Her favorite is little baby feet, but that wouldn't work for this project, haha. It pretty simple to make, and all you need is:

3 different colors of acrylic paints, a wide brush (for hand painting) and a narrow brush (for writing), a paper plate, and plain oven mitts.
     I took advantage of Gray passing out on his daddy, handprints are always easier with a sleeping baby. 

     I chose to do the handprint first not only because my son was dead asleep, but because it would be easier to write around a handprint than to fit a handprint into the writing. You'll want to have the paint you want to use for the handprint, a wide brush, the oven mitts, and some baby wipes. So, simply put a nickel to quarter sized drop of paint on your sleeping child's hand and spread it around with brush. Quickly press their flattened hand onto the center of the back of the oven mitt. You will want to work fast because this paint can dry pretty quickly. Before moving on to the next hand, wipe off your baby's hand to avoid paint getting where you don't want it.
     Now set yourself up to write on your oven mitts. You'll want your two paints, skinny brush, oven mitts, and paper plate (or bowl, whatever you like to hold your paint). You could also just use puffy paint. 

     Now write away! Whether it be for a mother, grandma, nana, aunt, you just replace "Nana" with whomever the gift is for. For example, "Mommy's Little Helper" will turn this into a gift for the child's mom. On one mitt I wrote my sons name, the other "Mother's Day 2014". Since this gift is so personalized, you can write what ever you want and can fit on your oven mitt!

    Ta Da! An easy, personalized gift for that special mother in your life. It can be decorational and functional, something to be treasured for years, long after the child has grown. As I write this, I'm thinking maybe I should put his handprints on my apron, make a stepping stone for our home here in Biloxi, another for the next house, and so on. They're only small for so long, and capturing their little handprints in paint will be looked back on for years to come.
"Little boy, you remind me how, so much depends on days made of now." - Allison McGhee


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