Sunday, April 27, 2014

Busy Busy Busy!

     Man oh man! I've been working on making this thing look presentable and having an Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Bloglovin for you all to look at for two days now! The Instagram and Pinterest are both pretty empty, but I'll be working on that. I'll either need to hire someone to fix this thing or quickly learn HTML code and Photoshop, I'm hoping for the first.

      So today the hubs and I started working on this project I found on Pinterest. I'm really excited to finish it and make it my first DIY post! I'm putting my own spin on it, of course. I'm bummed I can't find the original post, but it looks pretty self-explanatory.

     We're still unpacking the house, B (my husband) is doing a great job working on that. At this point its mainly just reorganizing and categorizing things until we can get a desk and book shelf's. I need to get on the closet, seeing as how we now have bedroom furniture and places to put all that stuff. I'll have to get some wine before I do that though.
I have this magnet on my fridge, for real.

    While I'm rambling, what do you all want to see on my Instagram? I think I've got Twitter and Pinterst covered, but I can't think of much for my hip-stagram (get it? Lawl).

One of these mobi sd cards from eyefi would probably make Instgraming a lot easier. I heard all about it from Jen over at All Four Love with her review of it. It's a sd card for your camera that uses WiFi to send the pictures you take straight to your computer, tablet, smart phone, anything with a WiFi connection. Pretty cool, right? #wishlist

     Whew, now that I have that pesky writing bug out of my system, I'll wrap this up! I'm thinking up theme days to do or Link up with for this next week and working on my Instagram and Pinterest. Can't wait to get back to you all!

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